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As you will have seen from the header, my name is Mark Eriksson. I'm a 26 year old, self-taught web developer with a huge passion for the web and all things technical.

I've been making websites since the age of 11 and haven't lost interest since. I first got interested in making websites when I started using Piczo—a site where you could sign up and make your own. After being introduced to being able to make my own websites, I wanted to learn more about how they are built manually without the aid of a drag-and-drop system, which enables elements to be placed where you want, so I did this by visiting other websites and viewing the source code and figuring out how they were put together.

I write code in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript/jQuery using Brackets and I communicate with MySQL databases.

I enjoy making websites, playing snooker, watching TV series (such as Breaking Bad and Dexter) and listening to music amongst other things that an average 26 year old male would enjoy to do.


Liverpool John Moores University

Computer Studies · September 2013

I studied a course called Computer Studies which consisted of 5 modules; web design, programming, computer systems, computing in practice, computing and society.

Cowley International Sixth Form

Level 3 Diploma for IT Practitioners · Sep '10 — Apr '12

I studied a 2 year course in ICT at college which consisted of 18 different units, all of which I received a Distinction in, so my final grade from Cowley was a Triple Distinction Distinction Distinction in ICT.


Crown Oil Ltd

Web Developer · Jul '18 — Present

Design and develop full-scale websites for sub-companies of Crown Oil Ltd.

Languages and technologies involved:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • WordPress
  • PuTTY
  • AWS
  • Vue
  • Webpack
  • Node.js
Here are a few projects I've worked on.

Details to follow soon…

Speedy Fuels
Speedy Fuels Lead developer
Nationwide Fuels
Nationwide Fuels Lead developer
Crown Energy
Crown Energy Lead developer
Crown Oil
Crown Oil Lead developer
Birlem Oil
Birlem Oil Lead developer
The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Web design & development
CV Design Solutions
CV Design Solutions Web design & development
sUS v1
sUS v1 Project creator & developer
InWorkAt Project creator & developer

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